Who Is It For?

Venture Traction is a perfect match for individuals and organizations that have a business idea that they want to make a reality but are missing one or more of the following:

  • A technical team to build it
  • Experience in incremental & iterative product development
  • Experience with Lean Startup and bootstrapping
  • Experience in planning, launching and operating technology products and services
  • Advisors to help define business and technology strategies

Because of this, most of the people we work with fall in one of the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurs – Professionals and business people that have identified an unmet market need, have an idea for the solution, want to develop a sustainable business around it, are planning to bootstrap the business (indefinitely or far enough to avoid massive dilution when seeking funding) and that need both strategic advice on how to build the solution as well as a full development team to build it and operate it.
  • Corporate Skunkworks & Product Managers – Teams and individuals within larger establishments who are tasked with bringing innovation to their organizations through the development of new technology-based solutions, operating in startup mode, and that need to show results and validate ideas quickly.
  • Service Companies – Service professionals and companies that have identified opportunities to gain scalability or expand their business potential by productizing their processes and expertise with technology, but whose core competency is not IT and software development, so they need a team ready to provide strategic advice and reliable execution to build, support, operate and continuously enhance their new tools and IP.

If you identify your own situation with any of these, then there is a good chance we can help you.

However, as much as we think that Venture Traction is a great way to turn an idea into a business fast – we know it is not for everybody. So let’s get together and explore whether Venture Traction might be right for you. Contact us and we’ll meet to discuss your venture, your objectives and your constraints. If nothing else, you’ll get unbiased feedback from people that have been in the trenches like you.

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