What We Do

We help people make their business ideas a reality. We help people innovate. We help people build new products and businesses. We help them refine their visions and validate their solutions with their users. We are a sounding board to help people refine their pitches and ideas. And we are fun to work with.

Some people have referred to Venture Traction saying, “oh, it’s like a CTO and Development Team in a box!”. We like the description but it doesn’t tell the full story. Venture Traction is about giving you access to a full team to help you build your vision. It is a combination of venture planning, coaching, product design and development.


Our approach

A lot of what we do is based on the principles of the Lean Startup, as well as  common sense, old-fashioned bootstrapping practices. The term Lean Startup is trademarked by Eric Ries. It is a combination of the Customer Development techniques of Steve BlankAgile Software Development methodologies and Lean practices as developed originally by Toyota. Venture Traction brings a range of services and experience to help individuals and organizations to leverage these principles to develop innovative technology solutions faster, cost efficiently and with better results.


Areas where we help

Venture Traction can cover from the ideation stage and continue all the way to technical operations and scaling, but where it starts depends on the stage of your venture. Your Venture Traction team will typically work with you the technical and planning activities of your startup, including:

  • Customer Discovery & Validation
    • Identify key hypotheses
    • Design and run, tests and experiments to validate assumptions and mitigate risks
    • Develop and deploy the artifacts needed for your tests/experiments (landing pages, prototypes, demos, brochures, etc.)
    • Reach out to and engage with prospects and “earlyvangelists”
    • Gather data and feedback, assess product-market fit and iterate or pivot
  • Product Development
    • Define Product feature set and roadmap
    • User Interface/User Experience Design
    • Technical architecture design
    • Develop Low-Fi & Hi-Fi MVP
    • Develop, Launch and Support V1.0 of your product
    • Provide continuous application development and maintenance
  • Venture Planning
    • Business Model/Lean Startup canvas
    • Elevator pitch & Investor pitch
    • Market research (identify potential clients, competitive landscape, market dynamics, etc.)
    • Financial model & projections
    • Key progress indicators
  • Scale
    • Technical optimization of operations
    • Application streamline and configuration for scale
    • Customer on-boarding and support optimization
  • Technical Operations
    • IT/Cloud Management & support
    • Application support & maintenance
  • Venture Coaching
    • One-on-one sessions with your Lead Advisor to go over the topics that keep you awake at night
    • Practice and refine your elevator and investor pitches
  • And as Much More as You Need!