What Does It Cost?

Our pricing is designed to be simple and aligned with your needs as they evolve.  Early stage ventures need a mix of skills at different times, and generally they can use the help of someone to coordinate resources and guide the process. In later stages, they may only need one or two specific services. As they move forward into application development, they will need a development team, dedicated to their project full time. And as their systems and applications go live they will need a technical team to ensure availability and performance.

To span this range, but avoid the problems of saying “everything is custom” or “one size fits all,” Venture Traction helps customers through a combination of three basic modes of engagement:

  • Retainer – One of the key elements of Venture Traction is that it gives you access to a range of advisory services and a lead advisor, dedicated to your project. This is covered through a very affordable retainer. This way you always have an experienced person available who can answer questions, fill in the blanks, and coordinate your project throughout it’s lifecycle. You have the benefit of retained knowledge and goals, but without having to hire a full-time manager or advisor. You also have the security of knowing your advisor is experienced in Lean Startup practices and has the technical background and support of the entire Venture Traction team available as needed. Your retainer fee is on a monthly basis, giving you a guaranteed number of hours, but with the option to raise or lower the number in following months as fits your needs.


  • Packaged Services – Sometimes referred to as a cafeteria model, this allows you to select from a menu of services that are commonly required by startups, with set prices and deliverables. For example, there are packages to develop low-fidelity  prototypes (MVPs) that go from the very basic to reasonably complex. These services can be purchased alone, or in combination with the Retainer or Custom model as needed. They make it easy to add additional services as needed and know what you are getting before you start.


  • Custom Services – Retainer and Packaged Services offer the best fit for early and mid-stage ventures, but they don’t fit everyone and as you move into offering your MVP to your customers, you are likely to need a full, dedicated team. To meet these needs, we will work with you to size your team, define your MVP, and plan your project. At the end of this process, you will know your monthly costs, you timeline and roadmap to release, and your estimated total cost for the project.

Each one of these modes is tuned to the needs of our client – the entrepreneurs who are looking for faster, leaner ways to have technical and startup skills available and lower cost of overhead. Some of our clients start with just their ideas and others have resources, but devoted to other tasks or businesses. For each one, we look at what is needed and agree on what they need and how we can provide it in the best way for them.

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