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Iteration is at the heart of the Agile Software Development Methodology and is an integral part of Lean Startup practices. But dividing work into regular periods in itself isn’t what makes the methodology successful. It is the regular assessment and readjustment as the team continues toward the goal that makes it work. Discoveries, opportunities, features that require more effort than they will return in value – as a startup entrepreneur you need to be able to assess these issues before they snowball and eat up precious time and effort.

Speed and efficiency is critical for startups. In most verticals, this is not because you want to beat the competition to market. A lean entreprenuer knows that time and effort spent going the wrong direction is wasted and can’t be recaptured. It is inevitable that the need for changes will arise, but the key is to catch the problems early, when they have less impact.

To manage this, a Lean Startup needs a technical team that can continually provide artifacts and software that customers can evaluate. Mockups, demos, prototypes, and early release alphas are all part of the process of customer discovery and validation. Your technical team needs to pick an approach that will allow them to produce effective results quickly, without adding unnecessary effort. Your Venture Traction team understands these issues. We use iterative methodologies and assessment to assure your project continues to reach its goals, regardless of the unexpected challenges.

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