Establish 30 & 90 Day Goals

There are many ways to bring a new product to market. You can spend a lot of time, planning every step, detailing the effort and resources you will need to bring a fully fleshed out product to market and capture customers. Or – you can establish your goals and then determine the steps necessary to reach them. For Lean Startups, the difference is the goals remain, but we assume plans can change as needed. As an entrepreneur, you need to continually test and assess the riskiest parts of your business plan. If you find a critical weakness you cannot mitigate successfully – your venture may need to pivot and go another direction. That doesn’t mean your goals have changed, but it does mean they need to be reviewed and likely, realined.

With Venture Traction, your lead advisor understands this crucial difference. The first step in the process is for them to work with you to establish a framework of objectives and goals for the near term and the next 90 days. With that in place, they will help you work through the steps to reach your goals, even when discoveries along the way present new opportunities or changes in strategy. Because the goals themselves are part of an iterative process, they are regularly reviewed, refined and renewed throughout the process to ensure they continue to represent the key accomplishments you need to reach.

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