How It Works

The most important characteristic of Venture Traction is that you are always on the driver’s seat – it’s your idea, your venture, and we’re here to help you see it through. We want to be part of your success, but at every step of the way you are in full control of where you want to take it and how you want to get there.

Venture Traction works by developing and then executing 30-day plans, assessing results and market conditions, and then iterating towards a scalable business model and a good product-market fit. The process of iteration continues through application development, providing a stable process structure for you to build on.

At a high level, the Venture Traction process is:

The process is not dependent on the phase your startup is in – Problem/Solution Fit, Product/Market Fit or Scaling for Growth. It remains stable, but flexible enough to allow you to experiment, learn and make changes as you need to without losing sight of your goals.

So it all sounds good – but – What Does It Cost?

Venture Traction has pricing a pricing structure to fit your project, your situation – regardless of the stage you are in or the type of assistance you would like. Select from retainer, cafeteria or custom plans – tuned to your needs.  Whatever works for you, don’t worry. You’re not locked in. We will adapt to your needs and make changes to the structure when necessary, as you move forward.

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